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Joyce Chu
Licence No: E-394502
Tel: +852 3185 4370
Mobile: +852 6611 8619
Language: Cantonese, English, Putonghua
I graduated from University of Leeds a Management Major while on Dean's List. Besides excelling academically, I took advantage of every opportunity to learn about the cultures. While living in UK, I traveled extensively across the continent to learn about the diverse cultures of European nations. Besides learning the rich histories and admiring the architectures of the prominent cities, I tried to interact with the people everywhere I went. I observed with great interest that people from different regions would perceive, react, and deal with situations very differently, while on the contrary verifying certain values are universal despite of cultural difference. These were valuable intercultural lessons which have become real assets for my existing role for dealing with a very international clientele on daily basis.

With an outgoing personality, joining the real estate industry to become a property agent with ample client facing opportunities was a logical choice. Prior to specializing in residential properties, I started with leasing offices and commercial properties. After realizing an average commercial agent would spend majority of his / her time making sales calls, the prospect of closing mega transactions became less appealing weighing against the requirement to spend most of the working hours cold calling. I am very happy with my current role primarily to communicate with prospective buyers and renters, to liaise with sellers and landlords, and to bring about good matches that make everyone happy.

Strong communication skills enable me to quickly find out clients' needs and preferences. Probing questions would be asked to dig out their priorities so that I can focus on the main issues. Through collaborating with an established network of agents in most major housing districts, clients can always count on comprehensive listings from me to save clients the trouble of using different agents in different districts. As a gregarious person, striking rapport with young executives comes very easy. I am responsive to clients' requests and promptly and proactively find solutions for their concerns. Thriving with multi-tasking, I can handle many instructions at the same time. Last but not least, I am determined to make the best effort in each client encounter not merely to make commission but, above all, build ongoing relationship so that I am the first person on his mind when he, his friends and business associates have any real estate needs.

I speak fluent English, Cantonese and Mandarin. Please feel free to search on my site and let me know if there are any properties of interest. Alternatively, please let me know your housing needs and requirements. I will get back to you with a list of suitable property listings shortly.