Housing Districts - Shek O

Shek O Market

Shek O Country Club

Famous for its white-sanded beach, the Shek O region lies on the southeastern tip of the Hong Kong Island. The place is frequented by sunworshippers and visitors who desire to take a break from the hectic city life. Residents who choose to have a tranquil lifestyle would find this once fishing village attractive. The Shek O Headland is scattered with townhouses and detached houses, while small village houses are found next to the sunny beach side.

Shek O is served mainly by buses, minibuses and taxis, as the underground railway does not stretch to this part of the Island. Less than 30-minute drive from Shek O to Shau Kei Wan where the bus and underground railway station are located, the place is filled with both local and fancy tourist dinning places, together with a few small traditional grocery stores.

Residents could enjoy a fantastic ocean view and green scenic spots, while next to the door-step is the starting point of the 50-kilometres scenic trail stretching all the way to the Peak. The exclusive Shek O Country Club is right next to the village offering some of the privileged residents sporting facilities.