Housing Districts - Tai Tam

The Tai Tam reservoir is in Hong Kong's south-eastern region. It is a large fresh-water reservoir, surrounded by a country park. The residential neighbourhood by the same name, along with the Redhill Peninsula, are a fairly recent development, and by consequence are not very large or over-developed. The accommodation in this area is new and very well appointed many with swimming pools and club facilities.

There are a number of high-rise and townhouse estates in the district. The area is served by

Townhouse estates
buses and taxis only, as the MTR does not travel to the south side of the island. It is a short drive through the Tai Tam Gap to Chai Wan, the eastern terminus of the MTR. There is good shopping nearby for the basics such as groceries and dry cleaning services. The Redhill Plaza has numerous shops, including a large American style supermarket.

While most of the residential areas overlook the sea on high cliffs, Tai Tam also boasts its own small beach at Turtle Cove. The long stairs to get down are well worthwhile, for the cove is lovely and sheltered. The American Country Club is in the immediate vicinity, and the Hong Kong International School (which offers an American-style curriculum) has its middle and high school divisions in Tai Tam.