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Beautiful Repulse Bay on Hong Kong's south side is a favourite summer weekend hangout for the city dweller, and the residential area of choice for many of Hong Kong's well-heeled. It boasts a combination of luxury high-rises and townhouses, most with commanding views over the bay and the South China Sea beyond. Many expatriates with young families choose Repulse Bay because of the clean air, outdoor space for the children, and proximity to the Hong Kong International School's junior and senior facilities.

It has a distinctly resort-like atmosphere,

Tin Hau Temple
probably because the area started out as just that - a getaway from the city. With the pristine crescent of sand and palm trees it is difficult to imagine that you are only a 15-minute drive from the grime and bustle of the "other" Hong Kong.

The area has amenities, including food stores, banking, medical services, dry cleaners and so on. There are several excellent restaurants. Transportation to the north side is by bus, taxi or private car. Most of the same buses that serve Stanley serve Repulse Bay, as it is on the only route across the island.
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