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Sandy Cheung

Sandy Cheung

Associate Director
Licence No.: E-307967
Language: Cantonese, English
Proway Relocation & Real Estate Services Ltd. (C-033118)

Sandy Cheung Profile

Immigrated to Canada with my family, I returned to Hong Kong after completing my degree in Food and Nutrition and Marketing. During the 7 years I lived in Canada, viewing properties in the neighbourhood open houses became one of my favorite weekend pastimes. Besides learning about wide varieties of architecture styles, layouts and finishes, I also learnt about how diverse people's tastes and preferences could be. It was also during this period I developed a lifelong interest in real estate.

I became estate agent upon my return to Hong Kong, and have stayed with the same group since 2001. Although not exactly an extrovert, I enjoy meeting new people, learning about their needs and preferences, and helping them to find their ideal homes.

Hong Kong has some of the highest priced properties in the world. I am a naturally patient, detail oriented, good listener. Finding good fits within clients' sets of criteria and constraints is no easy task, making them feel good about their choices is even more difficult. My approach is to provide ample choices, over-communicate based on facts to set expectations, whilst keeping a high level of transparency. Never trying to build rapport with clients, I am very pleased to learn that I developed strong relationship with most clients I served. It is always gratifying to hear back from them when they have promotions, or when their families have grown, and they are in need of bigger places.

I specialised in most housing districts on Hong Kong Island. I served many corporate accounts, which include investment banks, consumer goods companies, fashion conglomerates, and insurance companies. Senior agents would sometimes cherry pick and serve only senior executives worthy of their effort. Quite the contrary, I would take on most of their assignees regardless of ranks and housing budgets in order to better serve these accounts.

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