Hong Kong Property Agent

Sonia Young

Sonia Young

Associate Director
Licence No.: S-185907
Language: English, French, Korean
Proway Relocation & Real Estate Services Ltd. (C-033118)

Sonia Young Profile

I was born and raised in Korea. Besides my mother tongue, Korean, I speak fluent English, French and some basic Italian.

I started becoming an expatriate child at 12 when my father was posted in South East Asia and North America for his assignments with Asian Development Bank and World Bank. I went back to Korea for university and graduated an English Language and Literature major.

After working in a major USA sportswear company for the first year, I pursued a career with a major airline in Hong Kong since 1987. In the 16 years I was with the airline, I earned my way up from a flight attendant to Senior Purser, being in charge of in-flight services and managing a multinational team to ensure the customer service standard was applied at all time. I loved meeting and working with people. The more I worked with people, the more I realized I was a people person. Life cycle with cabin crew had its limit, and promotion to an executive position simply would not appeal to me. Instead of staying with the airline to get promoted to a position I would not enjoy, I decided to move to a less nomadic, but equally exciting, career in the real estate industry in 2003.

Due to my background as an expatriate, I started working with expatriate families relocating to and moving to Hong Kong. Based on my in-depth knowledge of Hong Kong environment, customs and practices, and my empathy with my clients and their children as an expatriate, I was able to help my clients to achieve their objectives and find solutions to their problems in first person point of views.

I specialize in sales and rental of luxurious residential properties. After almost three decades in the service industry, I have learnt to provide customized services that address to clients’ key concerns and always being there for them even long after the transactions are concluded are keys to keeping long-term relationships, which in my opinion are the critical factors to be successful in the industry. Throughout these years, I have made many friends and established a vast network of clients in the senior positions. Now I can proudly say that most of my clientele are either repeated clients or personal referrals.